In the month of October, Hawaii Rush Soccer Club raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) by selling special game jerseys and shirts to its members to support the cause. Also in October, Ethan Kaneshiro, a player in the 2009 boys group, mysteriously contracted a bone infection in his heal from Staphylococcus bacteria.

Once diagnosed, Ethan was immediately admitted to Kapiolani Medical Center to receive 24-hour intravenous antibiotics treatments. He stayed in the Carter Unit, for children requiring long-term care. During his stay, Ethan was introduced to an area of the Carter Unit called the Brain Station, where the hospital provides fun activities for the kids to be creative and take their minds off of their treatments for a few hours.

“At first I didn’t want to go to Brain Station,” says Ethan, “but once I got there I had lots of fun. I wish I could have stayed there.”

“The staff at Kapiolani is absolutely amazing. In fact, they may be too amazing because my son didn’t want to leave the hospital,” admitted Daren Kaneshiro, Ethan’s father.

Ethan stayed connected to his IV treatment for 10 days at Kapiolani Medical Center, visiting the Brain Station on a daily basis. Once the specific strain of Staphylococcus was determined, Ethan was given a PICC (central) line so he could return home, where he would continue his IV treatments for the next 3 weeks.

“Once we heard of Ethan’s situation we thought it would be fantastic if we donated the funds we raised from the sale of our BCA shirts to Kapiolani Medical Center because they took such good care of him and his parents. We visited Ethan in the hospital and their facility and staff are top notch,” reports Sheryl Hopeau, the Head Administrator for Hawaii Rush Soccer Club.

“We are so touched and thankful to Hawaii Rush and the players and parents for this gesture. It means a lot to us and to Ethan that we are able to give back to Kapiolani Medical, especially to the Brain Station, so that other children can benefit from this wonderful program and continue to make their stay at Kapiolani a fun and enjoyable experience,” says Daren.

Ethan is now off his medication and has been cleared of his bacterial infection, but the return to soccer will take some time. He is receiving physical therapy at Kapiolani Medical Center twice a week to regain his strength and balance.

We’ll see you on the pitch soon, Ethan!