From Thursday, July 18, through Sunday, July 21, the Hawaii Rush 2011 Boys team competed in the Crossfire Challenge in Redmond, Washington.

The Hawaii Rush 2011 Boys entered the U9 Super Flight, the top division in the tournament. They challenged opponents from around Washington State, including Crossfire Premier, Snohomish United, ISC Gunners, and Washington Premier.

After the first round of play, the 2011 Boys ended with a 1-2 record; and because the berth into the semi-final was a wildcard system, the Rush boys ended up in the top 4 out of 6 teams and made it into the semis. On Sunday morning, the Hawaii Rush team beat ISC Gunners 3-2 to make it into the final game that afternoon against the host team, Crossfire Premier. At the end of the day, Hawaii Rush 2011 Boys lost to Crossfire Premier 0-3.

The boys (and girl) on the Hawaii Rush 2011 Boys team gained valuable experience and learned a lot from their first tournament…the first of many to come. Awesome job Hawaii Rush 2011 team!

Photo credits below (action shots): Keli’i Kauka. Team photo: Joy Kaneshiro

Back row: Alaka’i Ahue-Sumait, Micah Suster, Kaeo Kauka, Konner Awong-Maluo, Aiden Jones, Knyco Wright

Front row: Owen Kaneshiro, Kalia Aina, Cole Lee, Tannon Lau, Austin Bolosan

Coaches: Delton Bolosan, Daren Kaneshiro, Darren Lee