From Friday, July 18, through Monday, July 22, the Hawaii Rush 2008 Girls Premier team competed in the Crossfire Challenge in Redmond, Washington.

The Rush 2008 Girls entered the U12 Super Flight, the top division in their age group. Over 4 days of competition they challenged teams from around Washington State, including Eastside FC, Crossfire Premier, Seattle United, ISC Gunners, and Washington Premier.

The Rush 2008 Girls came out on top of their group with victories against Washington Premier (2-1), Eastside FC (3-0), and ISC Gunners (3-0). They entered the semi-finals on Monday morning and came out victorious against Seattle United (3-0).

The final game against the host team, Crossfire Premier, was something special to behold. It was a battle to the end of regular time, ending in a 0-0 tie. This sent the game into two 5-minute overtime periods, which also ended in a 0-0 tie. When the dust settled, Crossfire Premier came out with the win in a penalty kick shootout, 3-2.

To say the Rush 2008 Girls performed well is an understatement. But even more importantly, their experiences and bonding over the course of the tournament will last a lifetime and push them to new heights in 2019-2020. Fantastic job Hawaii Rush 2008 Girls!

Roster: Kailea Ariola, Chloe Ayonon, Kaila Meyer, Miyah Suster, Isley Lorenzo, Leia Tupper, Madisyn Meyers, Ella Chun, Lehua Hanawahine, Krislyn Uyeda, Alyssa Hudman, Sky Ramos.

Coaches: Keoni Ariola, Jimmy Suster, Nathan Meyer, Colby Ayonon, Ian Lorenzo