Hello 08, 07, and 06 Coaches:

My name is Justin Miller and I am the Director for the Rush Select Program. I wanted to take the time to explain a little bit about the Rush Select Program and why it’s important for us as coaches to get ourselves and players involved!

Rush Select is a program that allows our players to find opportunities to grow in challenging environments and create experiences that will last a lifetime. The aim of the program is to pair the best players in Rush Nation together to compete against top talent from around the world. Rush Select consists of 3 main functions:

1. Attend the Regional Centers – “Centers” are Rush Soccer’s version of tryouts. The Centers are a pre-season tournament style event where you play other Rush teams in your age group. Rush Soccer is encouraging all of us to bring our entire team to each appropriate Center. There, the best players will be identified and invited to be a part of the Regional Select team. At the Center, our players will learn more about the Rush Way, enhance their skills, and for us coaches, there will be coaching education at each Center for our continued development. The Centers are regional for ‘07s & ‘06s and one singular location for the ‘08 age group. Find the Locations HERE.

2. Be Selected for a Regional Select Team – All of the head coaches for the Regional Select teams will attend the Centers. While our teams are playing at the Centers, these coaches will be evaluating and selecting the best players to make his or her Regional Select team.

3. Be Selected for a National Select Team – Once the Regional Select teams are formed, we will have all four regional teams meet at Missouri Rush’s beautiful facilities and play each other. At this event in Missouri, all of the National Team coaches will be there evaluating the players and selecting players to be placed on National Select rosters. The National Select teams will then play in a top tournament such as Dallas Cup or Disney and even get the chance to go abroad and play in international tournaments against top clubs like Juventus, Manchester United, or Barcelona.

I want to thank you in advance for your support and participation in the program. As coaches, one of our obligations is to provide the right opportunities for our players and Rush Select is an exceptional option for player development. The first step to getting involved is finding your local Center and bringing your team to participate! Remember, ‘08 Coaches, your Center is in Colorado at Rush Fest. For ‘07s and ‘06s, the Regional Centers are listed below. Registration is below as well.



Thank you and GO RUSH!