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“Factual, real advice to guide you through the complicated college recruitment process.”

The College Advisory Program (C.A.P.) provides high school age players and their parents with an introduction to the college recruiting, scholarship, financial support, and selection process. This process can be bewildering at times and the intent of the C.A.P. is to offer factual advice and assist in every way possible. The Rush Soccer Club staff will provide guidance but, will not do those tasks that the player and parents can and must do for themselves. On the following pages you will find everything you need, including links and videos to successfully navigate this process. We encourage parents and players to actively engage with their coaches and C.A.P. Director throughout the process.

College Exposure Camps:

College Exposure Camps are backed by Rush Soccer: The largest soccer club in the United States! We saw a need for a high-quality College Exposure Camp that truly focuses on YOU as a player, not just making money. So what does that mean for you?

  • We have the largest, most extensive college coach network in the country.
  • We have access to the most up-to-date recruitment information and NCAA rules.
  • Our focus is YOU. We want to help you get better prepared for college soccer.

Our goal is for you to gain maximum exposure to college coaches. College Exposure Camps are open to ALL high school age players from any club.

  • Bored with the same College Recruitment panel? So are we. Work with your assigned college coaches during 3 different break out learning sessions.
  • Learn about daily life for a college athlete directly from college players who will be working with you all day.

Available Camps:

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College Advisory Program – Table of Contents:

College Recruiting Timeline

  • Freshman Year, Girls & Boys
  • Sophomore year, Girls & Boys
  • Junior Year, Girls & Boys
  • Senior Year, Girls & Boys

Researching College: Academics

  • What to Research
  • Admissions
  • College Comparison Chart
  • College Planning Timeline, Students
    • 9th Grade
    • 10th Grade
    • 11th Grade
    • 12th Grade
  • College Planning Timeline, Parents College Research Links
    • 9th Grade
    • 10th Grade
    • 11th Grade
    • 12th Grade

Researching College: Athletics

  • What it Takes to Play College Soccer
  • Former Players Advice to the Next Generation
  • Schellas Hyndman’s Do’s and Dont’s
  • What to Research
  • Finding Coaches Contact Information
  • Communication with Coaches
  • How to Effectively Use Video
  • College ID Camp
  • COLLEGE FIT FINDER – Our free recruitment tool

Recruiting Information

  • NCAA Division I
  • NCAA Division II
  • NCAA Division III
  • NAIA
  • Recruiting Regulations Summary
  • Recruiting Calendar
  • National Letter of Intent
  • Athletic Scholarship Overview
  • Recruiting FAQ

Academic Eligibility

  • NCAA
  • NAIA
  • NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Test Prep Information

The Recruiting Process

  • Building College List
  • Communication with Colleges
  • The Recruitment Cycle
  • Official/Unofficial Visits
  • Verbal Commitments
  • Recruitment Terminology

Financial Aid

  • Paying for College
  • Scholarship Websites