You are here because you are returning to Hawaii Rush or you are joining us for the first time to take the next step in your child’s soccer development. Welcome to the Hawaii Rush Family! (Only register if you have been accepted to a team for the upcoming season or have been instructed to do so by your coach or team manager.)

To register your player for the upcoming seasonal year please follow the detailed instructions below:

Go to this website to register your child:

You will choose “Competitive” for the level of play and it will allow you to pay with your credit card with the option of paying in 2 or 3 installments, or all at once. When you have finished with the online registration, you will print all the forms and sign all the appropriate places manually. Make sure your player signs also. Here are the detailed instructions:

Go to the Affinity site :

  • Go to the upper left hand corner (User Login) and sign in.
  • Click on “Print Documents” under your child’s name.
  • Print “Receipt and Forms” and “Legal Agreements.” Review all the forms and SIGN EVERYTHING. Your player needs to sign also. Double check to make sure all signatures are complete, then scan each form INDIVIDUALLY and email the forms to your team manager. We will not accept hard copies. All of your forms will be uploaded to a cloud-based server for security. If you don’t have a scanner, there are free apps for your cell phone that allow you to take pictures of your documents and turn them into PDF files. Do not send photos (jpg files) of your documents. The detailed list of forms is below:
  • HYSA Membership Form (parent & child must sign)
  • HYSA PSF (Player Status Form) Even though you are not transferring or changing your status, you MUST sign this form in order to register.
  • US Club Registration Confirmation (parent & child must sign)
  • Player’s ELA Log (Media Release & Code of Conduct Form)
  • NEW PLAYERS ONLY: In addition to the forms above, you will need to complete the following steps:
  • Headshot of your player – Text or email a headshot of your player to your team manager. This is a close up photo of your child’s face from the shoulders up. Take this outside during the day or against a white wall in good lighting. This photo is used for your player pass which leagues and tournaments use to check your player in to confirm their age and identity. Make sure this photo is clear. You will also need to upload this photo to the Affinity Sports website. Details to follow.
  • Birth Certificate – Scan and email this to your team manager. You will also need to upload the certificate to the Affinity Sports website. Details below.
  • Covid Waiver Form (download here). You need to print, fill out, sign, and upload this form to the Affinity Sports website. Details below.
  • Upload your Headshot, Birth Certificate, and COVID Waiver to
  • Go to the upper left hand corner (User Login) and sign in.
  • Go to your child’s profile and click on Update Photo to upload the Headshot.
  • Return to your child’s profile.
  • Click on the tab labeled “Certificates” in the middle of the page. Click on the appropriate icons at the bottom of the page to upload your child’s Birth Certificate and COVID Waiver. When you upload the Birth Certificate the icon will change to a picture of a lock and will confirm that the certificate is in the system but it will not be shown for security reasons.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are registered with the Hawaii Rush Soccer Club! If you need any help with this process please reach out to your team manager.

Once you are registered your team manager will send you the uniform ordering link for your player. New players are assigned the next available jersey numbers in the system. Returning players will have the same jersey number.