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Who is the Rush?

Why choose the Rush?

C.A.P. Program

For players who want to go to college.

155 Clubs Worldwide

Travelling? Jump in with any Rush club.

Rush Development

Professional resources for all Rush players.

Rush Select

National exposure for top level players.

College Fit Finder

College resources for all Rush players.

Tutor Program

Train with any team on your off days.

Player Pathway

The Rush road to a pro soccer career.

International Travel

Travel abroad to play and train in Europe.

Community Outreach

Be a positive leader in your local community.

Our Programs

Keiki Academy

5 Years Old (6U): Girls and Boys


6-9 Years Old (7U-10U): Girls and Boys


10-11 Years Old (11U-12U): Girls and Boys


12-13 Years Old (13U-14U): Girls and Boys


14-18 Years Old (15U-19U): Girls and Boys


National Select | DA Affiliate


Open | Over 35 | Over 45 | Rush Moms | Latin

Rush Select Program

Rush Select aims to support and encourage our very best players. The program is built to give individual attention to our top athletes so we can help them achieve their goals of becoming professional athletes or playing at the highest collegiate level possible. Each year Rush Select awards 1 boy and 1 girl (sometimes more) full-ride scholarships to a Rush Academy somewhere in the world to help keep developing their game and education.

College Advisory Program

The College Advisory Program is designed to guide our families and clubs through the recruitment process by providing support, services, and resources to maximize their success. Our Full-Time Regional CAP Directors will work with our players to provide important, specific, year-by-year information, regardless of your intention to play soccer in college or not. We encourage parents and players to actively engage with their coaches and Regional CAP Director throughout the process.

The Rush Player Pathway

The Rush Player Pathway is clear and ambitious for all of our players. From the club level to Rush regional and national teams, and to professional clubs in Europe such as HB Koge, Duisburg, and A.S. Monaco F.F.

We provide opportunities during every stage of a player’s career.

Rush Global


Being a successful soccer club is dependant on so much more than offering players a place to play. The programs offered by Rush give players, parents, coaches, and staff the tools to be successful on and off the field. Rush Select presents players with the opportunity to compete nationally at the highest level. When it’s time to start thinking about college, our College Advisory Program can help players and parents dissect the intimidating process. The proven methodology of Rush can be found hard at work in the MSL, NWSL, on the International stage, and in the shiny reflection of the World Cup.

Free Player Assessment

Hawaii Rush is looking for players who have the potential to play at the highest level possible. Bring your child to our training sessions so he or she can play with the other players and our professional coaching staff can evaluate their current abilities. Based on this assessment we can place your child on the right developmental path to maximize their full potential.

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