Become Your Best

Our Philosophy

Train Right. Play Right.

“We’ve been developing top level players for decades with a proven developmental system based on the most successful academies in the world.”

When it comes to soccer training and development, most parents don’t know where to start or what is best for their player. Hawaii Rush Soccer Club has a proven developmental system for building elite level players that make a real impact both on and off the pitch.

At Hawaii Rush SC, we know that you want to provide your player with the absolute opportunities you can find. In order to do that you need a club with a proven developmental system and a national and international reach that no other club can offer. The problem is that you may not have the knowledge, experience, or information you need to make an educated decision about your player’s future, which makes you feel insecure and anxious. We understand how difficult this process is, and we believe that your player should get the best training available. Every player should improve no matter what their ability.

Over the last 25 years, the Rush organization has helped thousands of players become their best…including 4 U.S. National Team players, dozens of MLS and NWSL Academy and Professional players, and thousands of college players in all divisions!

Here’s how we do it:

1. Schedule Your Player Assessment. Bring your player to our training sessions so he or she can play with the other players and our professional coaching staff can evaluate their current abilities. Based on this evaluation we can place your player in the proper environment to start them on the right developmental path. Our large player pools give your player the advantage of being mixed with players of different abilities so that they will realize success as well as be challenged to push themselves to the next level.

2. A Proven Elite Developmental System. Your player will maximize their potential in a proven developmental system based on methods from the top international academies in the world, at all levels of competition.

3. Fully Prepared For The Next Level. As a student of our proven developmental system your player will be fully prepared to take on their next challenge in life. Whether it be professional soccer, college, family, or business, your player will possess the skills, values, and mindset to be an impact player in the next phase of his or her career.

GET STARTED today so you can stop stressing about where to send your player to get the tools they need to become their best, and you can relax and be confident about your player’s future!